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Our µLight source range

To structure the illumination, the arrays that compose our µLight sources are driven by an electronic controller and a software.
The electronic controller can be integrated inside the source block (LT2+ and LT2 models) or in an external box (Gen II model).

µLight LT2+

59 pixels RGB source with integrated electronic controller.

This model is connected to a computer via a USB cable and a 5 V / 1.5 A power adapter.

The optical characteristics are the same as for the sources delivered with an external controller.

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This is the little sister of the LT2+.

A single USB cable for power and control.

This source is three times less bright than the LT2+.

It is well adapted to learn structured illumination, for low magnification microscopy, for lensless microscopy.


µLight Gen II

Set of an electronic controller and a light source. 

The default source model is equipped with a 59 pixel RGB matrix.

This controller can manage different sources (for custom product, contact us), control two sources (for example, for transmission and reflection observation), communicate with external devices via an I2C bus (temperature measurements, motor control ...).

A source is adapted to the microscope by means of a mechanical interface specific to that model.
We can provide interfaces for different brands and models (Leica, Leitz, Motic, Nikon, Optika, Olympus, Realux, Zeiss ...).
We design and manufacture the interfaces in our premises: for a new microscope, do not hesitate to contact us.