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µLight Software

We propose several softwares to control our µLight sources and exploit the images obtained with some of the illumination structuring techniques.

µLight CS

  • Full control (intensity, color) of a 59 pixel source

  • Compatible with Gen II, LT2 and LT2+

  • Very simple programming language

  • Compatible with Windows XP, 10 Free download

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  • Software allowing structured transmission illumination for observation according to a few predefined methods (brightfield, anomalous phase contrast, relief contrast, real-time DPC*, four orthogonal image DPC.

  • Altamira is the only system that allows switching from one observation mode to another without any intervention on the microscope: the change of method is done by simply clicking on a button of the Altamira software.

  • Altamira works with a µLight source (Gen II, LT2, LT2+) and a USB camera (see details).

*DPC : Differential Phase Contrast

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  • The OQaPI software allows to reconstruct very simply phase images from four relief images recorded with µLight.

  • These relief images can be obtained automatically with Altamira.

  • OQaPI can be used in combination with the free software ImageJ as a plugin.

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