Gen II
Control the light ... at the source
Bright Field
Phase contrast
Differential Phase
leida Technologies is specialized in microscopy lighting.
We offer innovative products that allow you to access images that you can't get with a conventional microscope. 

Phase imaging: 3D maps of transparent objects
Radiolaire fragment
A more accurate bright field images than those obtained in classic bright field
Red blood cell observed by conventional bright field
Red blood cell observed with µLight
Differential phase contrast (DPC) is accessible without complex manipulation.

An image like the one opposite can be obtained automatically with the Altamira software or in post processing with OQaPI for ImageJ software.

Pollen observed by DPC
µLight is a transmission light source can be installed very simply on all microscopes (upright, inverted).

µLight is installed in place of the condenser lens, reversibly.

An electronic controller enables the source to be controlled using dedicated software (µLight CS, Altamira).